Dustek Clamp-Together Ductwork

ducting_image001Dustek now offers a complete one-stop source for high quality-owner installed industrial ductwork. To further address your comprehensive dust collection requirements, we are pleased to offer:

  • Ductwork layout & design for both new installations as well as additions/modifications to existing systems.
  • All american made, adjustable clamp-together ductwork, to be consistent with our Dustek emphasis on quality. Designed to last forever.

The Design System and Advantages of Dustek Clamp-Together Ductwork

Along with standard elbows, y-branches, reducers, and a wide range of ductwork components, Dustek incorporates three design concepts to allow for a successful owner installation.

  • The “Forever” Clamp, joining two sections of pipe, is manually operated by an “over center” latch and has a life time guarantee!


  • Infinite adjustment of straight piping for fast installation. Telescoping piping requires no cutting and because adjustments are made by sliding sleeves to accommodate exact length, field fitting is eliminated.


  • “K-Wick Grip and Hang” Hanging for ductwork is a simple way to suspend ductwork from ceilings, beams or other supports. The “gripper” allows you to form a loop around the duct and then adjust it to the right length.


When you move your shop, Dustek Clamp-Together Ductwork goes with you. The piping can be assembled or disassembled with out tools, welding, duct tape, etc. (no need for grounding wires) There are no preferated parts that can fatigue or bend.

  • Easily Modified
  • Expandable, Without Wasting Duct
  • Readily Connects to Existing Systems
  • Owner Installed with Phone Support
  • Additional Machines Can Be Connected Just By Clamping “The Forever Clamp” With A New Branch
  • Quick Delivery, Usually In 4-5 Days

Quotation/Ordering Procedure

Fax (978-671-0011)
E-mail (info@dustek.com) or 
Mail: Dustek Division of Boshco, Inc.,
144-A Rangeway Road, 
North Billerica, MA 01862

The Following Information:
Scale drawing of the layout of your entire shop or section of your shop that requires new or additional piping, including:

  • Dimensions of work shop
  • Ceiling height
  • Location of woodworking machine (s) indicating:
  • Make and model
  • Diameter and location of dust hood opening
  • Desired location of “floor sweep (s)” if any
  • Location of Dustek or other brand (s) of dust collection system (s) with inlet diameter (s)

Response From Dustek

  • Dustek will provide a price quotation
  • Upon acceptance of price quotation, we will provide layout sketch and detailed installation instruction.
  • Delivery usually within 4-5 days
  • Owner installed with “phone support”
  • Mastercard/Visa Accepted


Contact Dustek division of Boshco, Inc. for high quality, economic, owner installed ducting for your woodwork operation!